Integrated home Network & Control

The invisible matrix of Home automation control systems and networks


But it’s all wireless… isn’t it?

Home automation control systems and networks all require cables to function at their best.  What appears to be a wireless system is usually a hidden network of cables distributing masses of data between all the devices in your property. These are pathways of communication that make up the backbone of an automation system. 

Whilst ensuring that these networks are safe, secure and reliable, it is also our aim to preserve the interior and as much space as possible. Our professional approach will assess a variety of solutions to best suit your needs.

8K ultra HD and 4K ultra HD.


We have an ingenious solution for distributing all your video sources across multiple viewing points, giving you the freedom to watch whatever you want in every room. These hi-tech systems can incorporate your Sky Box, Apple TV, Freeview box, Movie Server and more all in one place, sending the content to your chosen location. 

The advanced technology guarantees a reliable, lag free, lossless transmission of the highest quality formats. And not forgetting our promise, it’s all neatly hidden away into one area granting us easy-access for maintenance and an immaculate finish in every room.  


Most often you will want to control your system via a wifi connected device such as your smartphone, tablet or remote. That’s why it’s important to ensure that all your wifi enabled devices have a strong and steady connection at all times

We recommend using the appropriate technology that reduces any interference, increases your range and strengthens the signal quality of your wifi connection for a reliable system that never fails. 

Pioneering brands in the wireless infrastructure market have developed a variety of products specifically designed with this in mind, used to extend your wifi connection to the internet as well as your integrated automation systems. 


Just one device

Do not underestimate the power of one of our control systems that will change the dynamics of your environment entirely. We offer the simplest solution to controlling all your automated features via a single device such as your smartphone, tablet or remote. 

Our programming experts will provide you with a fully customised user interface for effortless control. This is interchangeable with any device connected to the network meaning you no longer have to search for the nearest remote or fixed meter point. Voice activated control options are also available as an added bonus. 

We cannot overemphasise the limitless capabilities of these control systems and the positive affects on your interaction with the technology. Remember that our aim is to simplify your lifestyle at the same time as elevating a sense of grandeur and style to your living space. 

Get In Touch

To learn more about these services and their applications in each system, please do not hesitate to get in touch. It’s important to be aware that every environment has its own technological requirements that will differ significantly based on the specific features and functions you have in mind. We’d be happy to talk you through it and advise you where necessary.