Luxury Home Cinema Installation

Home cinema design and installation in Bath, Bristol, London and the Cotswolds

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Luxury Home Cinema Installation

Nothing compares to a beautifully designed, fully immersive, luxury home cinema room. Forget visiting your local cinema complex; they are nothing in comparison!

Watch your favourite movies, sports, concerts, documentaries or even enjoy a gaming session in your very own bespoke cinema room. Experience the cinema experience from home, with the pinnacle in home cinema technology. The completely invigorating feeling of experiencing everything that a luxury home cinema offers will completely change your life. For the very best in home cinema technology products with expert installation, our cinema installation engineers are on hand to help.

A combination of remarkable audio quality, a stunning picture and fabulous interior design make up the foundation of these rooms. As the very best home cinema design and installation company in the Bath and Bristol area, we are proud advocates of the effects felt in these phenomenal spaces which are nothing short of extraordinary.

Without a doubt, this is more than just a luxury feature; it’s a fulfilling investment and one you certainly won’t regret!


This is the primary structure for the majority of our installation services, ensuring you are provided with a professional service that meets the highest standards. By following our sophisticated approach we guarantee a fully informed, collaborative experience with solutions for all environments.


Our home cinema experts will then take the time to design a complete system and plan the installation based on parameters of time, budget, space and aesthetics.


We’ll need to assess the site of construction and any potential implications affecting the home cinema installation throughout the entire process.


You are more than welcome to one of our partner showrooms for a real insight and time well spent experiencing some of the home cinema products and services first-hand.


Our experts will then take the time to design a complete home cinema system and plan the installation based on parameters regarding time, budget, space and aesthetics.


Our range of home cinema products will be carefully thought through in order to meet the needs of your system including all technical specifications that contribute to its longevity. That said, optional brands and their qualities can be reviewed and incorporated as such.


In order to truly hear the audio as it was intended and experience the full effect, the listening space should be treated accordingly.


At this point, we are now in a position to provide a fairly accurate home cinema design and installation quote subject to any changes you wish to discuss.


Whether or not we are working alongside other trades at the same time, we can agree upon a start date and estimated timescale.


As products are being delivered, a combination of works will be done on and off-site by our trained engineers.


During the home cinema installation and a short time thereafter, general set-up and system programming will be done, including software editing for automated control.


As should be expected, everything will be tried and tested before signing off with a final demonstration.


The most stylish environments are those that benefit from the most discreet installations. Whilst many products are manufactured to look great and possibly even stand out as a show piece, the majority is better left unseen. This was not always possible until the intervention of a new range of products that have gradually come to the market. Along with our custom installation services, you can maintain room aesthetics as well as gaining the full potential of today’s modern technology.


Projector lifts provide a fantastic solution to hiding a rather bulky device often mounted on the ceiling. They range in size and adjustable drop-distance for varying ceiling heights and floor depths.


Motorised in-ceiling and rising projector screens offer a compact solution that can be integrated into your smart system for automated control.


There has been a phenomenal increase and improvement in the range of integral speakers that can be fitted into walls, ceilings, floors, furniture…. pretty much anywhere. And the quality of audio doesn’t have to be compromised either!

Fabric Walls

The refined texture and appearance of fabric walls exude luxury in any interior and offer the perfect camouflage for an audio system. The perforations within the fabric allow the audio the seep through and thus maintaining superb sound quality and style.


Hidden Home Technology is whole-heartedly committed to making sure that you are provided with an enlightening experience and exceptional results. Make no mistake, our unbeatable services offer unequivocal value and success.