Installing Invisible Speakers




In a beautiful Georgian home, we have been asked to integrate a multi-room audio system that doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of its period style. Whilst the design of many in-ceiling and in-wall speakers today are often discreet and fairly unnoticeable, we have decided to incorporate two Nakymatone in-ceiling speakers that are totally invisible – literally! Once the speakers have been plastered and painted over, you literally won’t be able to see them. No-one will know where they are or where the audio is coming from so the effects are quite spectacular as you can imagine. 

We specifically chose Nakymatone so that they would fit between the historic beams that didn’t conform to modern building standards. As the beams are closer together, we also selected speakers that are narrower than usual. They’re around 23” long, 10” wide and 4” deep so they will fit in most floor and wall spaces. However, they also retain an exceptional standard of audio quality, which was a significant consideration for use in a cinema / media-type room. 

This also includes a fully automated and motorised 120” in-ceiling projector screen as well as an EPSON projector, also hidden within the ceiling in its own custom built lift. These items have been professional painted in the same RAL colour as the Farrow & Ball paint used on the ceiling so as to blend in perfectly with the rest of the interior. 

This project is still in currently in progress but here are some photos of the work, showing the layout for all the in-ceiling devices and the location of both speakers, which have now been plastered over and freshly painted. 

Most people cannot believe the sound quality that comes from these invisible speakers and so we welcome you to an informal demonstration with one of our nearest distributors giving you the chance to try before you buy. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience regardless and can be arranged entirely at your leisure. 

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