Mounting a Mobile 85″ TV




Today we have been challenged with the task of mounting an 85” SONY TV featuring the latest 8K HDR display using LCD technology and weighing in at almost 66kg. This is one of the largest TVs on the market with the highest resolution and the best quality of build. However, there are other forms of visual display coming to the market in the technology sector that offer even larger screens if that’s what you require. For more information, call us to discuss the latest updates.
For this TV we are using a heavy duty Future Automation bracket to mount it onto the wall. It’s also a moving bracket allowing the TV to be positioned at any angle for optimal viewing. Not only that, it is motorised and programmed by us for effortless control via the client’s iPad or smartphone using the home-automation system that we previously installed. This was simply the client’s preference for control but there are other options available too. 
Such a large TV requires careful consideration over the means of installation including the safety of both ourselves and the user. Every measurement must be accurate and precise in order to achieve a clean and tidy finish. We will always check with you beforehand regards TV positioning, offering our advice if necessary and we’ll check it with you afterwards to ensure you’re satisfied. 
We use Future Automation for most of our TV installations and highly recommend the SONY brand as both companies manufacture products of exceptional quality. They look better than any other products on the market and will undoubtedly last longer as well. Their warranty period is more generous than most and they continue to update their firmware ensuring you always have the latest version. 
If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. 
Thank you for reading. 

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