The Sound Check Process




After installing the sound system for any media room or cinema, we always conduct a sound test.  Most of the hi-end amplifiers that we recommend to our clients come with proprietary software and a microphone that enable us to conduct these checks. 
This test records the frequency response of the room by measuring the volume of every frequency between the range of 20Hz and 20,000Hz. A combination of speaker type, location, acoustic treatment and any other audio equipment as part of the system will have affect on these measurements. 

We will then adjust the volume across a variety of frequency bands and upload these settings to the amplifier before testing the new settings. We’ll do this by listening to some music or watching a film in the highest quality format. Quite often this will be something we are already familiar with as our ears will be finely tuned to the even the most minute details within the audio. If it doesn’t quite sound right, we go back to the settings adjustment stage and repeat the process. 
This is a Room Audio Correction service that means you get the best possible sound out of your system in that room. It will often take a few attempts and can always be changed at a later date if you wanted us to. But you probably won’t, because we’re pretty good at this and we’ll make sure it sounds fantastic before we leave!   
This video is a brief example of this service but please excuse the poor visuals; we managed to squeeze in some filming time just to show you a bit more of what we do. If you have sound, you will be able to hear the sweeping sine waves that are being blasted from each speaker during the test. 
Enjoy! And thanks for reading. 

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