Installing Invisible Speakers

In a beautiful Georgian home, we have been asked to integrate a multi-room audio system that doesn’t detract from the aesthetics of its period style. Whilst the design of many in-ceiling and in-wall speakers today are often discreet and fairly unnoticeable, we have decided to incorporate two Nakymatone in-ceiling speakers that are totally invisible – […]

Mounting a Mobile 85″ TV

Today we have been challenged with the task of mounting an 85” SONY TV featuring the latest 8K HDR display using LCD technology and weighing in at almost 66kg. This is one of the largest TVs on the market with the highest resolution and the best quality of build. However, there are other forms of […]

Integrated Smart System in a Georgian Home

Alongside the in-ceiling AV installation in the living room as shown in Invisible Speakers this Georgian home is also having a fully integrated Rako lighting system, multi-room audio system, cctv, TV aerial and satellite installation alongside TV points in several rooms, data points for direct access to the whole system as well as Wireless Access […]